Are you wondering what’s inside the knots in your back?  Basically, the same stuff that’s outside the knots.  Muscles, tissue, that sort of thing.  Yes, there are some chemical reactions that take place in muscles when they get unhappy but my job is to help you without getting technical.  So I will. 🙂

Try this:

Squeeze your fist really tightly.  It’s not very comfortable but if you hold it for a few minutes you will be able to tell that the muscles in your lower arm are also getting tight.  Depending on the position of your arm, you might even feel the muscle tension in your upper arm.

Muscle knots are like that closed fist.  They are in contraction.  Knots are really tight areas of muscle or other soft tissue.  And they pull on the other muscles that are around them.  That makes those muscles complain, too.

There are two different types of muscle knots:   (a) tight from being used too much or (b) tight from being stretched too much.

Here’s something else to do for an example:

Take a piece of paper and crunch up the middle of it.  Make a ‘knot’ in it.  Now smooth the paper so the knot is flatter again.  You have just massaged away the knot.

Paper is different from muscles.  You won’t be able to totally smooth the paper knot away like you can with a muscle knot.

Muscle knots are contractions or areas of shortened, tight muscle.  They may also be called spasms. They have nothing that can be cut away to make them better. They just need to relax.

You can get rid of the knots by taking action to stop the things you do that cause them in the first place and with massage.

The only thing about massage is the benefit will depend on the type of knot that’s bugging you. It also depends on how much the massage therapist understands about muscles and why muscles get knots.

Take action.  You can smooth them out.  You can get rid of the knots in your back.


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