Did you know there are muscles in your neck that can cause knots in your back, pain on your shoulder and arm and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, too?  Pretty busy muscles, aren’t they? 🙂

Those muscles are called the scalene muscles.

When the “knot” between your spine and shoulder blade “won’t” go away, blame the scalene muscles.  They may be the culprit.  Your knot cannot go away until the scalene muscles are released (relaxed.)  The knot is a symptom; the scalenes are the cause.

And if you also have carpal tunnel symptoms and they “won’t” go away with conventional medical treatment or massage, blame the scalenes.  The symptoms can go away when the cause (the scalenes) are released.

Nerves run from your neck bones to your upper body and arms.  If those nerves get compressed, or pressed on, by the scalene muscles they can cause uncomfortable sensations (and knots in your upper back) in the areas that the nerves serve.  Also, the scalene muscles can develop trigger points which cause pain elsewhere.

If your doctor thinks your pain is “all in your head,” boy, is he or she ever wrong!

It’s all in your neck!

Most doctors are not muscle therapists or specialists.  That’s why the scalenes are rarely suspected as a cause of knots in backs, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and carpal tunnel symptoms.

If you go to Carpal Tunnel Radio you can find a featured episode called “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Is It All In Your Head? Or In Your Neck?”  It’s only 15 minutes and you will discover what you can do about your scalenes.  (It’s down just a couple of shows on the left.)

And I put together a whole program to help you get rid of your knots and it gives you exactly the information you need to treat your scalene muscles.  You can find out more by requesting the free report “Five Steps To Get Rid Of Those Miserable Knots In Your Back.  (<– click here) or simply fill in the request form on this page for your free copy.

Remember:  Pain happens for reasons.

When you understand WHY you hurt and discover WHAT to do about it, you are on your way to becoming pain-free naturally.  I’m Kathryn Merrow, The Pain Relief Coach, and I’d love to help you feel better.

You CAN get rid of your upper back pain and the knots in your back forever!


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