What’s the most common cause of upper back pain?  Is it herniated disks?  Is it neck bones that are out of place?  Is it your neighbors or your job?

Not likely any of those.  It’s muscles!  (Well, maybe your job is contributing, too.)

A recent commenter said the knots in her upper back are caused by a herniated disk.  But that’s taking things out of sequence.  (And that‘s really, really common in the medical field.)

You see, disks cannot move on their own.  Neither can bones.  So how do they move?

You got it:  Muscles!  Muscles move bones and disks.  That’s their job.

So how do disks get herniated?  (We will assume there is not a whiplash or other serious tossing-around injury.)

When muscles get out of balance they don’t hold the bones in a neutral position anymore.  Instead the muscles pull or push the bones and disks out of alignment.  They can actually push a disk out of place!

“Out of balance” means muscles on one side are too short or tight.  On the other side they are too loose or weak.

This means pain in your upper back and neck.

What’s the solution?

In a nutshell, strengthen the muscles on the back side of your body.  Stretch and lengthen the muscles on the front side.

And don’t forget you also have muscles on the sides of your body.  They probably need lengthening and stretching, too!

Other things such as nutrition can also play a big part in how happy your muscles are.  If you eat healthy and exercise and get plenty of water into your body your muscles will be nicer to you in return.

And posture plays a huge role in upper back pain.  I created a self-help program for upper back pain and knots and in that program I actually have a video that will help you get straighter and stronger in a simple, easy way.

If you’d like to know more about the upper back pain relief program, please click here:  http://KnotsInYourBack.com


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2 Comments on What’s The Most Common Cause Of Upper Back Pain?

  1. jeff bowman says:

    have had a chronic rhomboid knot for about 12 yrs have had trigger point injections,prolotherapy,botox,physical therapy no relief and have headaches right side upper neck had disk replacement c6-c7 disk 2 months ago did not help at all could your program help since i have had this for so long.

  2. Jeff, I have to say that I absolutely hate it when doctors do things that only treat symptoms. There. I said it. But that’s what most of them learned in med school. And I especially hate it when surgery occurs that didn’t help.

    The problem is not the symptom. The symptom is a sign of something else. And symptoms LIE all the time! Your “rhomboid knot” is a symptom.

    If you get treatment for a painful area or a massage therapist works and works on it and it doesn’t get better or relax that’s because it CANNOT relax.

    The problem is somewhere else. That‘s what needs to be addressed. And rhomboids get blamed when they are not even involved. They just happen to be in the same area as the pain.

    And that’s why I developed Knots In Your Back. That’s the program you asked about.

    I tried to condense all of the most common causes of upper back pain into easy to understand videos and written material so people could get rid of their own pain. This will probably help with your headaches, also.

    Bodies heal all the time. Sometimes they just need a little help. I had my physical pain issues for a long time, too.

    If you go to http://SimplePainRelief.com and scroll down on the right hand side, look for the blue book. It is a self-help book for trigger point relief. That book in conjunction with my program will give you a ton of help. If you use the book and program you will know more than the people who weren’t able to help you get rid of the chronic rhomboid knot.

    The Pain Relief Coach