Massage therapy is excellent natural medicine for upper back pain.

Massage feels good and is good for you, too.  It boosts your immune system, improves your circulation and can even get rid of pain.

Upper back pain is most often caused by muscles that are strained or stretched.  That makes the muscles crabby and they cause discomfort just to let you know how unhappy they are.

A good massage therapist can seek out those crabby muscles and help them relax.  Massage warms and relaxes muscles.  It can help them get back to normal, pain-free functioning.

Ice is another good treatment for upper back pain.  Cold packs will help the muscles relax and reduce the discomfort.

And here’s something else to consider:  Upper back pain is generally caused by something.

That ‘something’ might be the way you slept with your head tilted or the way you sat in a meeting or when using the computer.

Or that ‘something’ might be your poor posture.  All of those things are correctable and massage can be the tool that helps you get rid of your upper back pain more quickly.


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