Here’s a little video that shows how to get rid of upper back pain and muscle strain using a simple tool that you might already have in your home.  And if you don’t already have it, you can easily make one.  Enjoy!



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23 Comments on You Can Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain With This Simple Tool – Video

  1. Allen B says:

    Great video Kathryn! I will definitely try this. 🙂 Thanks for all of your tips so far.

  2. lori says:

    You always have a interesting idea that is always helpful expecially when I really need it,you are awesome thankyou.

  3. Nancy says:

    can’t wait to try this! thanks!

  4. Hi Allen,

    Thank you very much and you are very welcome!

    The Pain Relief Coach

  5. Hi Lori,

    Thank you and you are welcome! I’m always happy to share helpful ideas especially when you really need them. 🙂

    The Pain Relief Coach

  6. Thank you, Nancy. I do this often and it makes a big difference for me. I think you’ll like it!

    The Pain Relief Coach

  7. Kathryn says:

    What a great instructional video! A picture can be worth a thousand words. As soon as you began I started to sit up straighter and put my shoulders back. I will be trying this. Do you think there is any chance of neck strain? I am guessing this may actually help with that as well and am going to try this soon. Thanks Kathryn.

  8. Hello Kathryn,
    If you place your head on the noodle it will keep your head supported.

    But, if you placed the noodle under your neck so that your head is NOT on the noodle but on the floor, that can cause neck strain. Sometimes I do that just to lengthen the front of my neck but if you do that, do it very, very thoughtfully and pay attention to your neck. You don’t want to strain it or get a headache.

    I’m glad it helped you sit up straighter. 🙂

    If you have a very forward head it could possibly feel like neck muscle strain to place your head on the noodle. In that case, I would suggest draping a flattish pillow over the noodle for more head support.

    Thank you for a good question, Kathryn. (Beautiful name!)

    The Pain Relief Coach

  9. Christine says:

    Thank you for the tips — I appreciate any information to help with upper back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Its a daily constant struggle with these pains and knowing there are some relief, makes a difference. Will try this noodle for upper back pain.

  10. Jack says:

    Hello Kathryn,

    Very helpful; I’m going to do this daily for awhile. Opening up the chest muscles does definitely help the back muscles to release. Modern life with arms in front typing on a computer all day makes the chest & shoulder muscles shorten, and they need to be told to go back to their proper length, which you figured out a great way to do. The various muscle systems are so interrelated, once they get out of balance we need to do things like this to bring them back into working together so we can feel better. I like the short video, very well done.

  11. Hello Jack,

    Do it daily for a while and then periodically. It’s better to keep muscles in front relaxed rather than give them the opportunity to get short and tight again.

    Every part of our body is attached to every other part! When one part is misbehaving, the other parts act up, too–they cause pain. 🙁

    Thank you for writing and I’m glad you liked the video. I love helping and I had fun making it.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  12. Hi Christine,

    You are most welcome. It is my pleasure to help you get rid of your upper back pain. The noodle can also be used off center (closer to a shoulder blade) to create more of a stretch for the chest muscles.

    Always be thoughtful when you do new movements. Pay attention to the way your body feels. Where is the stretch? What does it feel like?

    How much movement is enough for now?

    Please also read the comment from (the other) Kathryn. She asked about whether this can cause muscle stress in the neck.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  13. Valerie-Dawn says:

    The video is a superb idea. It was delightful to actually see this Pain Relief Coach in person. Your emails are always a positive joy to receive. I admit that time to read emails is difficult to find but when finally read yours are always worhtwhile. For me the video idea works best. Thank you.

  14. Hi Dr. Valerie-Dawn,

    Thank you for your input and taking the time to write. Much appreciated! A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a video is worth 10,000 words? 🙂

    I appreciate your kind comments. My goal is to explain simple, easy concepts and steps people can take to get rid of their pain naturally.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  15. Jo Ann says:

    Thank you for the excellent video, I will definitely try it. As usual, your ideas are very helpful, and I really appreciate your interest in other people and their pain. Thank you

  16. Hi Joann,

    Thank you for your comment and for writing!

    I’m really more interested in people’s pain relief than their pain. (giggle) I sure do wish the medical community knew more about how bodies work and why people get into pain. I wish they had the time to learn more and help. Until then, I will do my best to share the word about getting rid of back pain naturally.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  17. Kathryn says:

    Well, Kathryn I have been playing with this exercise – which I find very helpful Especially when I am just tired or out of sorts. What I have found to work for me is not just the noodle – which I have to work hard at not rolling off of – but a rather oversized draft dodger. (those fabric rolls that you use in the winter for blocking draughts on the lower door jam). I am able to stay more stable with the dodger. I am having fun in the pool with the noodle though! :0)

  18. Hi Kathryn,

    That is a great idea! Using a draft preventer works well, too. And noodles come in a variety of sizes. One reader uses a rolled fabric remnant tube that he made.

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions!

    Thank you for sharing your device for getting rid of upper back pain naturally.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  19. Cynthia says:

    Hi Kathryn, I’m experiencing between shoulder pain – it feels raw and is burning – I am going to try this for relief – I don’t want to start going to dr – I walk daily and do yoga and am puzzled how this happened – I hope this works

  20. Hi Cynthia,

    Burning pain on both sides of your spine? I’m thinking it may be the trapezius muscle. Try this:

    Your shoulder blades have a horizontal ridge about 1/3 of the way down from the top. The traps lie over your shoulder blades. Apply pressure with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to the bottom 2/3’s of your shoulder blade, more on the side closest to your spine. If you find some really tender areas there, just lie on them for about 5 minutes. Do this on each side of your back. You can also apply pressure lower down on your spine. Or you could have a skilled massage therapist release your trapezius muscle.

    Here’s a little video that will give you the idea of a way to use tennis ball therapy when you are standing: Pain Relief Video It will also give you a laugh and laughter is good medicine. 🙂

    How did it happen? Perhaps the way you slept or worked one day. You may have held or propped your head in a forward, downward position that strained the muscles along your spine.

    I hope this helps you get rid of the burning pain between your shoulders.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  21. Hi Cynthia, I just put up an article with a picture of trapezius trigger points for you. http://www.simplebackpainrelie.....der-blade/

    The painful areas vary somewhat from author to author so the description I gave to you earlier may seem a bit different from the picture in the article. Also, there is additional info in the article to help you get rid of the miserable burning between your shoulders.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  22. wendy says:

    Thanks for this nice easy stretch Kathy. I’m going to do it while listening to my meditation music!

  23. You are very welcome, Wendy!

    The Pain Relief Coach